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Business Directories Limited is involved in the publication and management of Digital Directories and Newsletters and the provision of Digital Advertising Solutions to small to medium sized enterprises. We are based in the historic city of Lancaster in the United Kingdom.


Customer Support

Customer Service Commitment for Business Directories Limited

At Business Directories Limited we are committed to our customers. We feel its important to articulate that commitment so that you might know what you can expect from us, whether you are an existing customer or as yet just a prospective one.

Our commitment hadn't been updated for a long time and given the concerns raised by the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal and the rise in public awareness of data privacy we deemed it necessary to rewrite our commitment to express the values that we've always held about data transparency and the protection of our customers' private data. As a consequence our Customer Service Commitment is currently being rewritten to ensure that we adequately express those values. {More Coming Soon}.


Registered Office: 82 Dale Street, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 3AW.
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